The Game – Starting Russell’s Course – Day 01

The Game - Starting Russell’s Course - Day 01 is the beginning of my journey with Russell’s course encouraged by Garrett J. White's, "The Warrior's Way".

Secrets Masterclass: Highlights

Day 01


New Series – The Game – Starting Russell’s Course – Day 01

So I’m taking this online course by Garrett J. White, “The Warrior’s Way”. It’s pretty intense and makes us go way out of our comfort zones. One of the challenges I’ve accepted is to share each day something that I’ve learned in the areas of marketing, sales, and leadership.

So each day, I’ll be posting a quick video talking about something that popped out for me from a web course I’m taking called Secrets Masterclass. It’s a training program put on by Russell Brunson and I love it.

Discover more about it in the video below:

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Thanks for checking it out…

I’ll have more details, links and stuff here in the next few days… I just wanted to get this up as quickly as I could today.

And don’t forget to get Russell’s book for free. Just grab it by using the link here on the page.

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