Walter’s First Day at the Beach

Walter the Beach Dog!

He Is A Total Natural!!

Let’s be honest… No one really wants a “dud” for a dog, especially if it’s a waterdog and he is afraid of the ocean. Sure, you’ll love it with all your heart regardless of its affinity for getting wet, or not. But what you’re really hoping for is that your water bred dog will not just love the ocean, but will bark at you, “Throw the toy again, I love this!!”

Meet Walter…

Yesterday was his first day at Dog Beach in Huntington Beach. But it wasn’t just his first day at the beach, it was his first day out in the wild with lots of dogs running around! I considered starting him out first at dog park. But honestly, I wanted to see how he would do at the beach. So I took my chances.

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He killed it!

It wasn’t even one of those, “Well, let me see what this water thing is all about…” Nope. He followed me up to the shore, sat when I told him to, and then went bursting out towards the sea as quickly as I threw the bumper. He fetched it and brought it right back to me. “Ahhh…” I thought to myself, “I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this little guy!”

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