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Why are so many business owners still reluctant to investing in mobile opportunities?!

“Millennial consumers are digital natives that have grown up. They’re using their mobile devices 150 times a day,” – from a video in the article posted below.

There’s a deep connection between the online and offline shopping experience. If your site isn’t responsive and prepared for the user’s mobile experience, they’re going to exit from a purchase quickly and find a similar option elsewhere…even if they’re in your store!

How Are Your Sales “Digitally Influenced”?

This weekend, I had my phone in hand while asking a sales rep what he thought of a competing mountain bike I found online … even while he was trying to sell me his in the store. The purchase could have gone either way. And when he walked away, I looked up his bike on my phone and noticed it got excellent reviews and that his price was competitive with others.

Do you have any idea how many customers are walking away, online or offline–or both simultaneously, because they can’t get the information they’re looking for when and where they want it?


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Worth the Read…

Either way, if you’re a merchant, business person, consultant, or doing any kind of selling, online or offline, this article should make a lot of sense:

Think With Google – Winning Omni Channel Shoppers in Their Micro Moments


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