Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle

Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle

“The World is Changing in a Much Bigger Way Than You and I Realize,” Gary V.

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Feeling like your social media marketing efforts aren’t producing results? Or are you simply not being patient?

I like what Gary Vaynerchuck says┬áto this woman after she opens up with him and admits that she wishes the results would come quicker, “Buck up and be more patient. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not a tactic.”

Some people say, “I want a thousand followers and friends by the end of the year.”
Ok, that can happen…

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But what they don’t realize is that it takes some people, pros who do this for a living, a few years to get to that level. And they don’t quit.

Even if you wanted to accomplish that feat in that span of time, it means that “YOU” have to put in the extra effort and find the extra hours, not minutes, but hours, in your day to make that happen. You, not an employee or someone you contract, need to be on your mobile device or your laptop throughout the day looking for people you’ll want as a friend or follower of your brand. Then that’s just part of it because you also need to be spending that time engaging with them and creating content that delivers real value so that they actually decide to do business with you over time.


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Building a real social media brand of yourself or your company takes real time and real patience. And a lot of work.

And the people who’ve been at this for two, three, and even five years or longer who finally have thousands of friends and are getting tons of engagement on their content know this.



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Do you really want to win on social media?

Do you want to be a success online so that you can live in a way that this opportunity might be able to provide?

Then listen to and hear what Gary says to this woman at four minutes into the following video. And try to understand that this is just one piece of many to a puzzle that can be a lot of fun to put together… And even more rewarding once you get to see the big picture become a reality.

See Gary Vaynerchuck’s DailyVee 061 video here:

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