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TheLifeOfRick Uses The X Theme

X Theme: WordPress Customization Simplified

The LifeOfRick.com Uses the X Theme by Themeco

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So Many Possibilities.

Many years ago, when I was an avid fan of Frontpage by Microsoft and even Dreamweaver by Adobe (yes, I just aged myself, right?!) a random web guy asked me why I didn’t use a CMS platform. My response at the time was, “Huh? What’s that?” Now, I knew what it actually was. But frankly, I didn’t recall the acronym because when it came to working with any sort of Content Management System platform back then it was almost impossible to customize the look and feel of one.

WordPress is a CMS platform. It is a system that manages your content and it does a great job. It delivers your content to the web. This includes your images, your text, and a lot of other features that you can incorporate into your website. But for about the past 10 years it’s moved from a stale stock looking platform to a completely customizable one that can dramatically represent your brand and image.

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This site, TheLifeOfRick.com is built on the WordPress CMS platform. It’s what I used to build all my client’s sites on now. And WordPress.org, the platform’s website, proudly states how 27% of the web uses WordPress. (That’s a lot of installs…)

Now with your WordPress install, you can add themes. And with some, you can customize the theme with many options and possibilities. This makes it so much easier to design a site to your brand’s expectations. Prior to this, I would have to spend weeks tweaking a page and then, even more time to try to integrate it into a CMS system like WordPress.

X is a theme by Themco that allows extensive customization and creativity when designing the overall look of a WordPress site. You can visit Theme.co to learn more about this amazing theme. And for the record, I don’t make any money by sharing this information. (Hmm… Maybe I should work on that?)



Four Themes In One…

What’s interesting about the X theme is that it includes 4 mini-themes within its overall package; these mini-themes are called stacks. And each let you achieve almost any look and layout. You can begin with the foundation of one of the stacks and then build upon your site from there.

Also, and this really is a great bonus, the theme includes over 20 great plugins. Plugins allow your WordPress to do more than just publish posts and images. Some plugins can be complex and allow you to build complete eCommerce platforms on top of the WorPress system. A few of the 20 plus plugins included in this X theme that I love most are Slider Revolution–which allows me to display a wide slideshow across the page, or a smaller one if I like, Facebook comments integrations, image gallery features, and more.



To see the endless possibilities available with this amazing X Theme by Themeco, be sure to visit Theme.co‘s main site. (It’s theme.co. It’s “.co”, not a dot-com.)

And if you’re interested in adding this kind of functionality to bring your website alive, feel free to contact me by filling out the form below. I’ll be happy to chat with you about some of the options available.

I am so glad that I found this theme. It’s allowed me to save hundreds of hours while delivering some of the most interesting designs I’ve ever worked on. I am sure that you’re going to love this theme too.

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