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Today’s Video: Webcams, Green Screens, and Software


Webcam Quality

Today, I’m chatting about my webcam, the Logitech C920 and a program that helps me get a better image out of the video I can produce with it.

But first… This…

Many of my successful online mentors/teachers keep saying to me, “Rick, if you want to get to where we are, you need to produce more content.” They follow up with their stories about how their content really sucked in the beginning. It took each of them sometime before they found their own voice and style. They eventually incorporated that into a message they were passionate about and delivered it to an audience broad enough to produce the results they wanted.

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Having helped many of my customers achieve great success, I put little time into producing my own content that allows me to position myself as a leader in a field that I love.

But let’s be honest. Being busy isn’t the only reason. Being shy and an introvert really holds me back. And for others like me, if you have a vast resource of knowledge stored up inside and never let it out, you know that you’re not capitalizing in life as much as you want.



Make More Content…

Plus, if you’re also like me, someone who prefers to run their own show, you know that in order to take any amount of success to the next level, it requires getting out of your comfort zone.

That being said, I’ve decided to produce more video and posts so that I can find my own voice and style while learning how to effectively share my message. I’ve put in over 2 decades worth of social media technology. That’s a ton of experience and knowledge that others can benefit from. And I’d love sharing and helping. So, what a wonderful way to earn a living: helping people achieve success while having fun on the web… Right?

So below, you’ll see today’s playful attempt (or “content” if you will) with tech and social media. This started out as a simple equipment test with some green screen editing, lighting, and a webcam. The green screen and lighting are a little advanced for some. But using a webcam on the internet is pretty much a standard way of communicating these days. So I wanted to give some advice on how to improve the quality of your videos for both recordings and live feeds.

Useful Links

I use a Logitech C920 webcam. Here’s a link to the camera:


You can pick it up for around $70 online or at any store like Best Buy or Staples. You can probably get a newer model than mine for only a few bucks more.

These are great webcams. They come in HD and 4K varieties so you’ll have beautiful clear images and videos.

Now if you use a Windows PC, you’ll benefit from these webcams with the software it comes bundled with.

However, if you use a Mac, then you’ll want to get a program call Webcam Settings found in the Mac App Store:


Because I use a Mac, today’s video includes a demonstration of the software.

With software from both Logitech or Webcam Settings, you’ll be able to make some really great adjustments to your video. You can adjust the brightness and contrast, focus and zoom. And in some cases, you can even adjust aperture priority, exposure levels, saturation, and more. What all these options allow you to do is make adjustments to the way your video looks as it’s being recorded so that you don’t have to force these adjustments afterward in editing. And if you’re running a live feed, like with Facebook’s Live, then you’ll want to make adjustments to your camera beforehand.

So I want to conclude by saying that Logitech’s webcam is a great buy to help you get started with online video. They’re inexpensive and simple to use.  You just plug it into your computer and the software will recognize it. And playing with the adjustments I mentioned earlier is fun and easy.

If you have questions or suggestions, let me know if the comments below. I’m happy to respond.

And thanks for your support. I look forward to getting out of my comfort zone and producing more content that I hope brings value to you.



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