Get Rid of Website Spam with reCAPTCHA

Get Rid of Website Spam with this WordPress Plugin




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Get Rid of Website Spam with reCAPTCHA

When I set up a client’s site, it’s nice to have a contact form that a visitor can use to connect with the business, especially one that works on keeping spam out of your inbox.

I put my clients on the WordPress platform. I like it because it’s easy to customize, it’s great with managing content, and has a ton of great plugins that I can use to help make the site interactive.

One plugin that I use a lot is Contact Form 7.  You can see an example of it below. When you fill out the form, I’ll receive an email in my inbox.

Now the problem with having a form like this on any website is that there are a lot of creepy marketers who will try really hard to get your attention. So your inbox and spam folder can get filled up pretty quickly with emails from people asking to help “improve your website” (hey…that’s my job!), “refinance your home”, or “improve your sex life with…” I think you get the picture.

Get Rid of Website Spam with reCAPTCHA

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Google’s reCAPTCHA

A great add-on that Contact Form 7 uses is the reCAPTCHA tool from Google. Google offers their free “I’m not a robot” check box widget that you can integrate into your form to help eliminate spammers. Since most of their emails are generated by software and not actual humans, this tool helps identify real emails that you should be getting over spammy junk that needs to go away.It’s not perfect… But it does a great job of reducing spam.

Get Rid of Website Spam with reCAPTCHA

Here is a link to Contact Form 7: CLICK HERE

And here is a link on how you can set up Google’s reCAPTCHA with the plugin: CLICK HERE


If you’re looking to reduce spam that trolling marketers hitting your site send to your inbox, it’s best to employ Google’s reCAPTCHA widget on your website’s forms. It won’t get rid of all the junk. But it’s a great place to start!

Let me know in the comments below if you’re already using a tool like this and how it’s working out for you. And be sure to send a message if you need help setting up something like this for your site. You can use the form below… With Google’s reCAPTCHA!

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