Disruptive Technology or Gimmick?

Disruptive Technology or Gimmick

Disruptive Technology or Gimmick?



How Long Have You Been Online, Rick?

I’ve been around the internet since ’91 (#dontjudge). I remember being in college and seeing the first digital images shared from one computer to another on the other side of the country. I knew that this “internet” thing was going to be important. So I dug in…

But I had to weed out a few of the “gimmicks” to find the gems that were useful.

Back then, I was one of the first to…

  • Use “Internet in a Box”
  • Open a Yahoo account
  • Start a digital marketing company: We put marketing ads on floppy discs and sent them out to people. Yep, we did the AOL CDs before AOL was even a thing.

Some of these were a fad…
You know… Cool for the time.

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But some of them created disruptive technology that still impacts the way that we use the web today.

Today, you’ll get to see a behind the scenes peek. I’m pretty confident that what you’re about to see is absolutely “disruptive”… Especially for anyone relying on the web to drive leads or make money.

First, let me set up the scene…
You’ve seen the movie… Tom Cruise is trying to avoid all the street cameras as he’s running from the cops. But everywhere that he turns he’s followed by ads on big futuristic screens targeting him “personally” throughout town. The screens know who “HE” is and they’re showing  “HIM” ads relevant to what he’s interested in.

Minority Report was full of Disruptive Technology in the not too distant future...

I love the movie Minority Report.

We’ve already seen some of the futuristic tech that’s “almost” here. A lot of it is becoming mainstream more every day. Items like VR, touch screens on pieces of seamless glass, and self-driving cars are quickly becoming a part of our typical day…

But here’s an interesting question, how are these ads and images targeting Tom?

It’s because of A.I. and big machine software with sophisticated programming that’s watching his activity … And it’s learning … All the time.

Now we already know about “re-targeting”. But this isn’t what I’m talking about…

For example, when it comes to “re-targeting” (how marketers try to get your attention online today) if you’re looking for a mountain bike on a vendor’s website, chances are you’re going to see an ad for that same bike on Facebook and on Google.

In a few years, this is what marketers will be calling “first generation” re-targeting… Retargeting Version 1.0.

This is a one-to-one relationship that suppliers like Facebook and vendors such as the originating website have with each other. If you’re visiting MountainBike.com, it will tell Facebook to show MountainBike.com’s ads to you on the Facebook platform.

But what if you visited 50 websites looking for a mountain bike? How would MountainBike.com know about the other sites that you’re looking at?

Now marketers such as myself can take advantage of tech that uses a “many-to-one” relationship to retarget a potential customer or client.

Let me explain…

You really want a mountain bike for your kid this Christmas. So you go to five to ten different sites. You spend a few minutes on each one looking at different models, prices, availability, free delivery…

The problem your digital marketer has right now is that they can only retarget you, the mountain bike shopper, only if you’ve been to their site. But there is no way the marketer can tell if a potential customer has been to five, ten, or 50 other sites. He’s only assuming that the customer is interested in the bike on his site and can do his best to re-target you on Facebook.

But what if you, the customer, didn’t like their bike?



And what if I, as a digital marketer, actually knows which bike you really do want for your kid? What if I could tell my client which one you’re likely to buy based on your web browsing behavior?

Would it surprise you to hear that I can track you across millions of websites, study your buying behavior, and then determine if you’re In Market to buy a mountain bike, what color and model you want, how much you’re willing to spend, and even figure out when you’re most likely going to buy it?

(I’m about to show you an example of some of this…)

So now, you’re on Facebook…

And instead of seeing ads for a bike you had zero interested in, you’re seeing exactly the one you have your eye on!

Well… Like most people… You’re likely to click on the ad–especially if you see that it’s “On Sale” or if it’s offering something you really want, like “Free Delivery”. And soon enough, if you keep seeing the ad, you’re probably going to buy it!

Okay, I’m about to show you a raw example of how some of this works. It’s presented by a business colleague of mine who’s allowed me to share it with you.

I hope that you like it.

(And by the way, I’m not at the point (yet) where I can show you screens of ads all over the streets and buildings like the ones that Tom needed to hide from. That’s still a few years away…)

So check out the video and see how I’m able to get my clients in front of buyers and sellers before anyone else can right now…

So Who Wants To Play With This Disruptive Technology?

If you’re a real estate professional, make sure that you reach out to me. You can be one of the few who is using the tech right now in your market! I’ve seen some of the results clients have experienced and they’re loving the conversions, the money saved, and the listings picked up!

Shoot me a message below or via Messenger for more details.

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